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3 eco-friendly products to simplify your shave routine

Shaving made simple: Here’s three eco-friendly shaving products that I’ve used to say bye to plastic waste that will simplify your routine!

NOTE: This is an older post from a past blog theme before the 2023 rebrand.

3 billion plastic razors are thrown away each year, in the US alone. That鈥檚 more than 5,000 every minute.*

Photo by the El Nido Beach Cleanup

I wanted to look into a more sustainable option for shaving. The guilt tossing out used plastic razor heads was so strong that I rarely shaved at all. I sported ‘yeti legs’ and hardly ever shaved my underarms. Luckily for me, I’m blonde and have very fine hair in both areas, so I justified my lack of a shave routine with the thought that no one would ever notice that I didn’t shave. 

Suffering from hoarding disorder, I used to buy and hold on to anything pretty. That meant that those sleek and pretty plastic razors at my local Walgreens were fair game. I had stuff everywhere in my bathroom; I had so many products I didn’t need nor use clogging up my bathroom drawer, under-sink cabinet, and all around my bathroom sink itself.

But eventually, my touch sensitivity from being on the autism spectrum started growing and the feel of hair anywhere but my head and arms started driving me crazy. I started looking for plastic-free alternatives, knowing I was in for an investment into new, eco-friendly shaving products. I vowed to reduce the chaos in my various bathroom routines.

Leaf's beautiful chrome razor sitting pretty on a towel to show off its beautiful design.
Photo by Leaf

First: the plastic-free safety razor and blades by Leaf!

A bit about the Leaf razor: This is a plastic-free safety razor that you can customize with 1-3 blades depending on your preferences. Shipping is 100% carbon-neutral, ships plastic-free without any plastic packaging, and Leaf Shave even offers a blade recycling program where you can send in your used blades (Leaf blades or third party blades) for the metal to be melted down and recycled into new blades! These blades come in a little paper box. No plastic here! The pivoting head is magnificent and makes a very satisfying clicking noise when you pivot it.

Worth the initial investment

I bought just the razor instead of the set. It came with some extra blades and I changed out the blades every 2-3 shaves. The razor itself with the extra blade set included was about $80. That’s much more expensive than buying a plastic razor, but since this is a one-time purchase and blade replacements are so much cheaper than plastic razor head replacements, I’ve more than got my money’s worth. I’ve spent less money on buying this razor and getting new blades in the past 6 months than I would have by buying new plastic razors and razor head sets.

A few lines of Leaf's eco-friendly products.
Photo by Leaf
Rocky start but smooth finish

I’ve been using my chrome Leaf Razor for over half a year now. It is safe to say that I will never go back to common plastic razors. Refilling the blades is much cheaper than buying new heads for plastic razors such as Bic. Not once have I cut my legs or underarms with this razor, unlike my previous plastic razors. Other than a small razor-burn scrape from mishandling it during the first time I shaved with it on my bikini area, things have been smooth sailing. Now, I’m cut-free and very satisfied with my routine.

After shaving, I unscrew the little knob at the back and open the compartment to give the blades a rinse and wipe-down to remove any hairs and water.  This method has kept my razor rust-free and looking brand new. I’ve been storing my used blades in a plastic container that my old acne wipes came in a few years ago. Once I have enough of those in the container, I’ll send them back to Leaf.

My ending thoughts on the Leaf razor and its blades

I love my Leaf razor. It’s taken the fear out of my shave routine because I no longer cut myself while shaving. It’s also taken the guilt out of my shave routine by completely eliminating the need for plastic razors and replacement heads in wasteful packaging. I no longer have to drop my plastic razors in the trash and wonder which landfill they’re going to contribute to, and what wildlife may ingest and/or choke on that waste.

Leaf regularly has promos. I got a certain dollar amount off of my purchase since this was my first Leaf purchase. They also offer 100 blade replacements for $19, a deal considering their 50 blade replacements are $12. You can probably find blade replacements cheaper, but I’ve been avoiding grocery stores and Amazon purchases because their blade packaging isn’t plastic free, and plastic free is the whole idea. 

Overall, I totally recommend the Leaf razor. Leaf is a fantastic company with great eco-friendly products. If the Leaf razor is too big for you, Leaf offers the Twig, a smaller version without a pivoting head that I have not yet tried. 

Finally: you shouldn’t shave without shaving soap!

In the past, I’ve seen that pressurized cans of shaving cream to be ugly space-takers in my cabinets and surfaces. In addition to this, these cans cannot be recycled and end up in landfills. They also contain pretty gross chemicals within the cream and the cans are prone to rusting.

Several lines of colorful shampoo and conditioner bars to illustrate the vast number of options that are out there.
Photo by Erik Putz

Luckily, a good, natural, moisturizing soap bar does a great job. Personally, I simplify my shave routine by just using the volumizing Peach Not Plastic conditioner bar from Grove that I already use on my head! This reduces the number of different products that I buy for my personal care and helps me use every last bit of the conditioner bar when it gets a bit too difficult to scrub that last nugget into my hair. Natural conditioner bars like the variety provided by Peach Not Plastic make amazing shave bars.

If you’re looking for something to use particularly for shaving, Leaf Shave, the company behind the beloved Leaf razor, also offers a plastic-free shaving bar. Add a bar or two to your cart when you’re stocking up on blades and you’re set!

Getting into the routine

It’s a glorious feeling reducing the chaotic clutter and settling down with something simple. These 3 eco-friendly shaving products have changed the way I stock up on supplies in my bathroom cabinets. No more urges for flowery, plastic razors that I’d never use!

One metal razor, a little box of replacement blades, and a moisturizing bar take up little space in your bathroom. No more plastic razor heads spaced out in plastic packaging, or bulky shaving cream cans leaving circles on your surfaces. Say bye-bye to disposable plastic razors releasing microplastics onto our skin and into our water supply with every use!

You now have a simple, non-hassle, plastic-free shave routine that you are free to experiment with to find your “you” shaving habits. I hope you have enjoyed this post and feel inspired to make some changes in your routine!

Thank you so much for reading! With love and plastic-free goodness,


This post contains no affiliate links and products. I do not receive anything, monetary compensation or other benefits, from sharing these eco-friendly shaving products with you. I pride myself on my honest product suggestions and will never suggest/market anything that I do not 100% believe in. Read more about other disclaimers for this blog here.

*Learn more about these statistics and about Leaf’s blade recycling program here.

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