Hi, I’m Bek!

A photo of me (a blonde woman with black glasses and curly blonde hair) wearing a black graduation cap and gown and holding a medium-sized white and brown dog named Ollie
Me and my dog, Ollie, posing for my associate’s degree grad photo

I’m honored by your desire to dive into my blog and learn more about its creator. I’m a 23-year-old business school graduate from Knoxville, Tennessee. As of July 2023, I am two months away from moving to Sevilla, Spain to be an English language assistant. I have spent years struggling with compulsive hoarding.

Within the next two years, I hope to find myself still living in Sevilla, Spain, which is where I studied abroad in the summer of 2021. [Check out my favorite photos from this trip here!] My dream is kick back in Sevilla and be able to make my living by teaching ESL and blogging about my NALCAP and Spain experiences to help others do the same!

I am on the autism spectrum, but my hyper-focus tendencies only make it easier for me to work hard for what I want. Over the past year, I have become more conscious about my purchases and what I own. I have worked diligently in purging the belongings that I know that I don’t truly need or even want. If I’m going to be moving abroad, I’ll need to have everything that I feel is important to me to be able to fit in a few suitcases!

I hope you find this blog educational and entertaining as I document my journey from full-time retail management to part-time teaching assistant. If you’re struggling with life in the USA like I did (and still am!), stick around and make progress with me and even reach out! I’d love to help others get out of the USA. Send me a message!