Feed the writer!

Thank you so much for checking out the posts I have written for you. Every read brings me joy, because I know that I am helping people looking for information on what I write about!

Running this blog is not free. In fact, it costs me almost $300 a year in hosting, URL fees, and security. Maintenance costs are additional and vary. So if you’ve checked out my blog and liked what I have made, I would be very grateful for any monetary tips to keep this blog running and keep me and my cat fed. 馃檪

1 euro buys me a chocolate bar or a liter of my favorite juice.

2 euros gets me a big bag of pasta or my work commute for the day.

3 euros buys me the ingredients to make almost 3 montaditos.

4 euros gets me a big cup of my favorite local frozen yogurt that I like to enjoy once or twice a month.

5 euros pays for the necessities to make American burgers!

8 euros feeds my cat for the week.

10 euros buys me the ingredients I need for a big batch of homemade spaghetti.

15 euros gets me the ingredients I need for a big batch of chicken vegetable soup.

25 euros pays my blog fees for the month.

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