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How to use Sevici, Sevilla’s public bike system

A Sevici bike station showing a beautiful castle-like building in the background and a line of red Sevici bikes in the foreground

Sevilla, with its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and rich history, is a city best explored on foot or by bike. At a leisurely pace, there is so much more to see. And what better way to experience Sevilla’s beauties than by cycling through its charming streets and neighborhoods? Sevici, the city’s public bike system, offers locals and visitors a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around. Enjoy this mini-post on how Sevici works, some tips on using it, and my personal experiences with the system!

How the Sevici service works

Sevici has a fairly simple and user-friendly system with an upkept app. Hundreds of bikes are available at stations in various locations throughout the city, making picking up and dropping off bikes really easy! The process is straightforward: sign up for a membership online or at one of the bike station kiosks, and you’re ready to unlock a bike with your smartphone and ride.

I opened my account via my web browser on my phone, right at a station. After paying my fee for a year-long subscription with insurance, I signed in to the app and got a bike straight away. I took a 21-minute journey up and down Paseo de Cristóbal Colón and Paseo de las Delicias to test out my new ride.


One of the great advantages of Sevici is the accessibility of the stations. There’s always a Sevici station nearby, so whether you’re a commuting resident or a tourist exploring the city, you’re covered. You’ll find stations placed very conveniently near major tourist attractions, public transport stations, and in residential areas, making it easy to grab a bike whenever you need one. There’s three bike stations within a five-minute walk from my apartment in Macarena!

Affordable + Eco-friendly

With Sevici, its affordability pairs well with sustainability. Membership fees are low, especially for the long-term subscriptions. Users have the option to choose between short-term or long-term passes. I opted for the year-long supscription plus the insurance for under 40 euros for the year! Plus, by opting for a bike over a taxi or public transportation, you’re not only saving your money but also reducing your carbon footprint.

I have loved using my subscription to get me to the bus station to make my commute to Tomares to teach English. By using my bike for half my commute, I save around 12 euros per month in public transport costs. It’s easy and gets me some exercise before I begin my workday in the classroom.

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Short-term plans for tourists/visitors

These short-term plans are meant for city visitors who plan to be in the city between 1-7 days. For these plans, the first 30 minutes are free, and then it’s 1.03€ for the first hour and 2.04€ for the following hours. For more about the short-term plans, read Sevici’s official short-term subscription web page.

Basic 1-day ticket without insurance2.59€
1-day ticket with insurance3.59€
Basic 7-day subscription without insurance13.33€
7-day subscription with insurance14.33€
Prices and plans in this table were updated March 2, 2024
Long-term plans for students & residents

These long-term plans are meant for those staying in the city for long periods. These subscriptions last a year. For these plans, the first 30 minutes are free, and then it’s 0.51€ for the first hour and 1.03€ for the following hours. There are more long-term plan types than short-term plan types, so you have plenty of options! For more about the long-term plans, read Sevici’s official long-term subscription web page.

Basic long-term subscription without insurance33.33€
Long-term subscription with insurance (the one I have!)39.33€
Long-term subscription for minors (14-17 years old) without insurance33.33€
Long-term subscription for minors (14-17 years old) with insurance39.33€
Long-term subscription for unemployed persons (<7 months) without insurance20.00€
Long-term subscription for unemployed persons (<7 months) with insurance26.00€
Long-term subscription for 55+ age persons without insurance26.00€
Long-term subscription for 55+ age persons with insurance32.00€
Long-term subscription for groups/organizations without insurance29.00€
Long-term subscription for groups/organizations with insurance35.00€
Prices and plans in this table were updated March 2, 2024

Explore at your own pace

One of the joys of cycling through Sevilla that I have found is the freedom it affords you to explore at your own pace. Cruise along the banks of the Guadalquivir River in the accessible bike lanes, pedal through the maze of streets of the bustling center, or venture out to the city’s parks and gardens—all without the constraints of checking schedules to catch crowded public transport.

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Tips for using sevici

  • Plan your route ahead of time using the Sevici app. Locate stations and check bike availability. The app tells you how many bikes are available, their reported condition, and how many empty spaces there are at your desired destination station. It will be nice to know there’s a space for your bike when you get there.
  • Keep an eye on the riding time. This is to avoid incurring extra rental charges for exceeding the free 30-minute rental period. If you want to ride for more than half an hour without charges, find a station. There, deposit the bike and then rent out another bike from the same (or nearby) station.
  • Always obey traffic laws and be mindful of pedestrians while cycling through Sevilla’s streets. Many of Sevilla’s strees are one-way, so make sure to follow street signs and any orders given to you by whatever navigation app you may choose to use. Pedestrians oftentimes don’t look where they are going, so you may encounter people just stepping right out into your path, or stopping to check their phones in a bike lane!
  • Secure your phone if you are using it as navigation. I sat my phone on top of my purse in the bike’s basket and hit a bump going down the street. It sent my phone straight into the air and under my tire. It was a pretty ridiculous way to break my phone’s screen. :’) Do not hold your phone in your hand while biking; Sevici’s handles are pretty heavy due to the bulk on the front of the bike and require both hands.


Whether you’re an experienced city cyclist or a beginner rider, Sevici offers a convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly means of transportation. This allows you to further immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of the city! Grab a bike, mind your traffic manners, and hit the streets. Sevici is an amazing way to get to know the city, and its so much nicer than taking the bus!

See you in the next post!


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