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NALCAP series + How to: How to apply to NALCAP

A screenshot of the main page of Profex's portal

EDIT, APRIL 2024: NALCAP is no longer using the Profex 1 platform. They have moved over to Profex 2, which is a bit different. I am working on updating this article ASAP bit by bit!

So, after some consideration and research, and confirming you qualify, you’ve decided to apply to NALCAP, the most popular teaching abroad program in Spain. Congrats!! You’ve made a great decision. The first difficult step is to actually apply for this program using their application portal, Profex. You’ll be teaching in Spain in no time!

I will try to update the dates presented in this article and requirement changes for every application year. Currently, in this article, the 2024-2025 application cycle is open. The 2024-2025 NALCAP cycle applications are open from February 9th to April 4th, 2024. This means you have from the time you’re reading this until April 4, 2024 to submit your application and its documents if you want to be considered for the 2024-2025 academic year.

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Things to do BEFORE the application window opens

You don’t want to get stuck at the opening hour with an issue creating your Profex 2 (“Profex”) account, not having the necessary pre-application personal information sections filled out, not being familiar with Profex, and/or having no idea what regions you want to choose. Get familiar with the information in this article and other related resources before you head over to apply to NALCAP. You shouldn’t rely on one source for this information, so please don’t stick to just this article. You can see fresh updates on any changes in the application and program in the unofficial Auxiliares de Conversación Facebook group.

A big challenge some auxes face is the fact that Profex is in Spanish. However, the new Profex portal lets you change the language to English! Another challenge is going into Profex blind. Tackling Profex by yourself without following a guide is not ideal!

Create your Profex account if you don’t have one

First, the link to access Profex 2. Profex is the necessary website to apply to NALCAP that you will do your application in! To login or create your account, access the link above and type “profex 2” into the Texto search bar in the center and hit the Enter key or click “Buscar.” A banner will appear below the search bar with the text “Nuevo sistema de gestión de personal de programas en el exterior (Profex 2).” Hit the “Aceso” button below it.

You’ll be using your passport number as your username, so have your passport handy. This passport number will be your username for future logins and your passport number associated with your account. Make sure it’s correct! Follow NALCAP’s official Profex Registration Guide to sign up.

Once you proceed with the signup, you will receive an email soon to activate your account. Activate your account as soon as possible (within 24 hours) or you will have to register all over again! Activate your account, log out, and then log in again to ensure everything works correctly. If you’re able to log in, that means you are ready to apply to NALCAP while applications are open!

Once logged in, click the blue “Aceso al trámite” button. This will open a new window. If you want the platform in English, click “Cambiar idioma” in the upper menu and change it to English/Inglés.

Then, you’ll need to start confirming the required personal information is correct under “My Profile” if you had your account migrated from Profex 1. The parts not asterisked will be left blank. Hit “Modify” to start editing any section with information that you need to change.

Logging into an existing Profex account

Click the link to access Profex 2 and then type “profex 2” into the Texto search bar in the center. Hit the Enter key or click “Buscar.” A banner will appear below the search bar with the text “Nuevo sistema de gestión de personal de programas en el exterior (Profex 2).” Hit the “Aceso” button below it.

Then, you’ll enter your information in the section titled “Con mi usuario de la sede electrónica” and click the blue “Acceder” button on the right. Those who already had an account on Profex 1 will automatically have their account migrated to Profex 2. However, you will need to go into your profile details after login to ensure everything moved over correctly.

Usuario will be your passport number, and Contraseña will be your passport. Then click “Acceder” to continue.

Once logged in, click the blue “Aceso al trámite” button. This will open a new window. If you want the platform in English, click “Cambiar idioma” in the upper menu and change it to English/Inglés.

Then, you’ll need to start confirming the required personal information is correct under “My Profile” if you had your account migrated from Profex 1. The parts not asterisked will be left blank. Hit “Modify” to start editing any section with information that you need to change.

Navigating the Profex 2 General Data section – Terms to know
Nombre/NameYour first and middle name
Primer apellido/ Last Name 1Your last name (if you have two last names, this will be your first last name)
Segundo apellido/Last Name 2Unless you have two last names, you’ll leave this blank
Tipo documento/ Document TypeSelect Otro unless you somehow already have Spanish residency information
N* documento/Document NumberEnter your passport number
Expiration DateEnter the expiration date of your passport (or whatever document you selected in place of your passport if you have Spanish residency)
Nacionalidad/NationalityThis is a VITAL section! Your application will NOT be considered if your Nationality is not correct here, or if it is left blank! Even if you hold dual citizenship in another country, you will select “Estados Unidos de America” because you need to be an American in order to apply to NALCAP. Your application will be rejected if you enter a different nationality.
Sexo/GenderProfex prefers your legal sex listed on your passport. But I’ve been told you can get away with your preferred identity. Hombre for male, mujer for female, NC for “prefer not to answer.”
Fecha de nacimiento/Date of birthPut your date of birth here. NOTE: Some accounts migrated from Profex 1 are experiencing an issue where their birthday migrated incorrectly. Usually, a few days off. Do NOT worry; Profex has assured us it will not impact our applications.
Lugar de nacimiento/Place of birthEnter the country of your birth, even if you hold citizenship in the United States.
Correo electrónico/EmailEnter your email address. Do not use your college or business email address since these almost always have expiration dates, which could lock you out of your Profex account and make you miss important emails. Use a personal gmail, yahoo, etc and make sure you typed the email address correctly.
Teléfono movil 1/Phone 1Enter a mobile phone number with a US area code in one line, no dashes. The area code will be written as 1. You will most likely be contacted by phone, so having an accessible mobile number is a must! If your phone number is +1 123-456-7890, enter 11234567890.

Below that Personal Information section is the emergency contact information section. Most likely, it did not migrate from Profex 1. Re-enter the name, surname, email, and mobile phone of your emergency contact.

All of this information should be saved by clicking a blue “Save” button at the bottom of each section.

Continue to the Addresses section to confirm the information is correct

There are two sections here: Permanent Address and Current Address. If you are not yet in Spain, the addresses will be the same. They will be your home address in the States. Since I currently live in Sevilla, my Current Address is my address in Sevilla.

Re-enter information to the Academic Training section

Most likely, this did not migrate from Profex 1. Re-enter your degree or college progress information and a PDF of your official degree or transcript.

You can leave the Permanent Training and Teaching Experience sections blank.

The Languages section

Enter your level of English and any other languages you know. Include any official level testing certificates if you have them.

Fill out the Attached Documents section BEFORE you begin your application

During the application, when it asks for the following documents, it will only let you select them if you previously uploaded them into this section! This means that during the application, you can’t just pluck the PDF off your computer. You’ll need to upload them into this section for you to be able to select them during the application.

Hit the “New” button on the right. Add your documents here one at a time and give them really clear names. This will make it much easier to select them during the application!

Get to know the Profex 2 portal

Take your time getting to know the portal. Is your personal information correct? Do you have the sections filled out? Before applications open, it’s vital to know how the application period works. If you already know what the portal looks like and how to apply within Profex before you try to apply to NALCAP, then you can apply much faster with hopefully no errors.

We’re going to talk about the application process in the Time to apply! section.

Important fact about Profex!

The site ALWAYS crashes when applications open! This is because hundreds of people are running to the website to apply all at once. The puny web servers for Profex can’t keep up with this influx, so people are stuck with infinite or infuriatingly slow loading screens and complete web crashes that involve re-logging in. This happens every year. There is no way around it and no reason to panic. Sit back, have a cookie or two, and wait an hour or so before reattempting to start the process. You will be able to apply to NALCAP, just maybe not right away!

For me during the 2023-2024 cycle, the website opened at 6 PM EST on February 8th, 2023. Despite warnings from seasoned auxes to wait, I let my anxiety overwhelm me and sat at the computer for hours getting nowhere before deciding to nap. I woke back up around 1:30 AM and had my application successfully submitted around 2 AM. My inscrita was relatively low and I got my first choice in region. So please, spare yourself a stomach ulcer and wait!

Decide your top 3 region choices that you’d like to teach in

If it’s not obvious, you won’t be teaching in more than 1 region. For the application, you’ll need to tell Profex your first, second, and third choice for regions you want to teach in. For my first year, I picked Andalucia, Cantabria, and La Rioja. Most likely, you’re not a Spanish region afficionado, so you’ll need some insight as to what each region is like and what the teaching scene is like for NALCAP participants! You can read about that in the following post:

Featured reading: Guide to Spain’s regions for auxiliares de conversación
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Application documents needed to apply to NALCAP

I’ve already made another detailed post on the documents that you need to apply to NALCAP! You’ll need to have these prepared before you apply, of course. One or two of the requirements may take awhile; one involves writing a statement of purpose, and the other involves getting a letter of recommendation from another person. For the sake of the other person’s sanity (and for basic politeness), give them a month or two to finish this letter.

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Time to apply!

Hopefully, you’re reading this before you are actively trying to apply. Your future self will appreciate having this knowledge before you go to use it. Now let’s apply to NALCAP!

STOP! As of this point in the article, the following information is OUTDATED and meant for the Profex 1 platform! This no longer applies. I am working on updating this ASAP. For now, try to follow the NALCAP Profex application PDF. Its formatting may be tough to read, but it’s what I recommend since I have not broken the new platform down yet for this article.

Step 1: Navigate to the Auxiliares de Conversación: Presentación solicitudes section

Once you log in to Profex and click the blue “Acceso al trámite” button, look at the far left menu. (It’s the same menu you went to when you completed the personal information sections!) From there, towards the bottom, you’ll see an option in the meu’s small text that reads, “Auxiliares de Conversación.” Click it, and once the dropdown menu opens under it, click “Presentación solicitudes.”

Step 2: Select “2024 – Auxiliares de Conversación extranjeros en España / Language Assistants” from the dropdown menu
Click this menu and change the selection to the 2024 option

There will be a few 2024 options in the menu – make sure you’ve selected the right one! The others are for Spaniards venturing to other countries to teach.

Once you’ve selected the “2024 – Auxiliares de Conversación extranjeros en España / Language Assistants” option, click the “Nueva solicitud” button below the selection. This means you are creating a new application. The page will change automatically and the application will begin.

Step 3: Submitting your documents in the Requisitos section

It’s time to use those documents you worked hard to collect! Your passport page copy, a scan of your official college degree or official transcript, your signed statement of purpose, and your letter of recommendation all come into play in this moment. Remember that only PDF format will be accepted.

You’ll be faced with a big table of text and 5 checkboxes, with a little heading of “Requisitos” at the top. Here’s what to do for each number! In addition to clicking all 5 checkboxes, you’ll need to upload your documents in the following sections:

1Click the “Añadir documento” button and add the PDF scan of the main/information page of your passport. Remember to check the box.
2You only need to check the box; there’s no document to upload for this section. This confirms that you understand that you will need to submit a medical certificate in order to apply for your visa.
3Click the “Añadir documento” button and add the PDF scan of your official college degree/diploma or transcript. Remember to check the box.
4Click the “Añadir documento” button and add the PDF signed statement of purpose that you wrote. Remember to check the box.
5Click the “Añadir documento” button and add the PDF recommendation letter that someone wrote for you. Remember to check the box.

When you’re done checking the boxes and adding your documents, head to the next page by clicking the grey “Siguiente” button above the Requisitos header. This will take you to the page to pick your region preferences!

Step 4: Picking your region preferences

After hitting Siguiente on the previous page, you’ll see a table with one or two options. Most likely, you’ll see options to select España (Spain) or Andorra. This program is only for España, so click the checkbox next to España and you’ll be automatically taken to the next page.

Click the checkbox for España to proceed.

The page may load in two different ways after the España checkbox is clicked.

Method #1

If you are presented with a list of regions, and above those choices is a box listed with, “Orden de preferencia de este destino(*):,” put 1 in the box. Just the number 1.

You may then proceed to pick one of the regions from each column. Unfortunately, to apply to NALCAP, you can only choose one in each column! This is to prevent everyone from listing only Spain’s most popular regions. The little guys gotta have representation, too!

Then, put the number of your preference order in each little box. 1 for your most desired region, 2 for 2nd most desired, and 3rd for your least desired of the 3 choices… You get it. Grupo A was 2 for me and I picked La Rioja, Grupo B was 3 and I picked Cantabria, and Grupo C was 1 and I picked Andalucía.

Put the number 1 in the “Orden de preferencia de este destino(*):” if it is presented to you.
Method #2:

The second way the page may present is just like this, with a little orange icon showing a magnifying glass over a webpage. If you get this page instead of the first way, click that little orange icon to see the page to select your region preferences! I personally got this version instead of the first way, but a friend of mine got the first way.

To proceed and pick your region preferences, click the orange magnifying glass icon.

Once shown the screen to select your preferences, you may then pick one of the regions from each column. Only one in each column! Then, put the number of your preference order in each little box. 1 for your most desired region, 2 for 2nd most desired, and 3rd for your least desired of the 3 choices. Grupo A was 2 for me and I picked La Rioja, Grupo B was 3 and I picked Cantabria, and Grupo C was 1 and I picked Andalucía.

No matter the webpage format presented to you, you need to click the “Guardar datos” button at the top to save your region choices! Once you do, it will take you back to the page showing the España and Andorra options. Click “Siguiente” to continue. At this point, your application is automatically saved as a draft (referred to as “borrador”) in case you want to leave and come back to it.

Step 5: Declaring your teaching language, any partner, your desired school type, and desired school setting

You’re presented with a page full of more checkboxes! Under the section “Autorizaciones y Declaraciones” on this page, make sure all three checkboxes are checked. You are ready to move on to the “Datos de interés” section underneath it!

Datos de interés section questions
#1 – ¿Qué idioma desea enseñar? / Which language do you wish to teach?NALCAP only involves English, so select “Inglés / English“.
#2 – ¿Piensa desplazarse al país acompañado/a? / Are you planning to travel to Spain with your partner/family member(s)?Select the option that fits your situation.
#3 – Si su pareja también su nombre y apellidos. / If your partner is also their full name here.This is only relevant if you are bringing another program participant. If yes, type their name.
#4 – ¿A qué tipo de centro educativo desearía ser destinado/a? / What type of establishment would you like?The options are: primary + infantíl (young students), secondary + bachillerato + formación profesional (middle/high school), language school, and indifferent (my choice!).
#5 – ¿Qué tipo de población preferiría que se le asignara? / What kind of area would you prefer?How big of a city/town do you want to be in? Your options are small, medium, and large cities, rural town, and indifferent. I teach in a lovely small town!
#6 – Información de interés enfermedades crónicas, etc.) / Additional information chronic diseases or conditions, etc).Discuss accommodations that may impact your placement, such as needing wider public transport networks if you have physical disabilities.
#7 – ¿Tiene formación o experiencia? / Do you have any specific training or experience?You’ll see different subjects + checkboxes. I selected “Comercio / Business” since my degree is in business.
#8 – This paragraph is about the consulate assigned to your state.In the USA, states are grouped and assigned a consulate. Look up the consulate assigned to your state and select the checkbox.
#9 – Se requiere una persona de contacto, … correo electrónico / A contact person is required, email.Add details of your emergency contact.
Review your answers!

Once you have completed these questions, review your answers and be sure that everything is how you want it. You can’t edit your application after submission, so be sure everything is correct! If everything is ready, scroll back up to the top of the page and click the grey button that reads “Inscribir solicitud.” You’ll get 2 consecutive warning popups that you can’t edit after submission. Accept both if you are ready to submit.

You’ll be redirected to a page full of text, like the following image. Click “Volver a la página anterior

Once you do, you’ll be redirected back to this page, where your application first started. Now, your status should be listed as Inscrita if your application was successfully submitted. See the table below the following image for more possible statuses that may appear other than Inscrita.

I have my Inscrita circled in this image!

My full inscrita was 23_2AXC001015. By reading the last four numbers, I can tell that my inscrita number was 1015!

“But my status doesn’t say Inscrita OR Borrador, what does it mean?”

Behold, a table of Profex statuses:
InscritaYour application has been successfully submitted and is awaiting review by an application reviewer.
BorradorYour application has not yet been submitted and is in draft status.
Borrador sin destinoYour application is in draft status because you did not select your regions. Head back in and choose your 3 regional preferences.
RegistradaYour application was submitted, but upon review, you are missing documentation or you have submitted incorrect documentation.
AdmitidaYour application was successfully submitted, reviewed, and approved. Congrats, you were successfully able to apply to NALCAP! You’ll receive an acceptance email sometime soon if you are awarded a place in the program, and you’ll have 3 days to accept your placement after receiving the email.
Candidato seleccionadoYou should have received an acceptance email and need to accept your placement within 3 days of the email arriving in your inbox.
Plaza aceptadaYou accepted your placement within the 3-day time frame. Congrats!! You are part of the program! You can now await your carta de nombramiento, which is an acceptance letter from your school that you need to have to apply for your visa.

What to know post-application

“What does my ‘inscrita’ mean?”

The last four numbers in that long chain is your inscrita number. The lower the number, the higher your chances are of getting your first regional preference. Mine was #1015 and I still got my first region choice of Andalucía.

I have my Inscrita circled in this image!
The timeline after application

Luckily, I already have a post written about the complete post-application timeline once you successfuly apply to NALCAP. From status changes, to school assignments, to visa applications, you’ll be ready!

Featured reading: NALCAP series: Complete timeline for the NALCAP program

Bonus reading: My NALCAP visa experience with the Houston consulate

That’s it!

Congratulations, you’ve either just begun your journey into NALCAP, or you’ve successfully submitted your application. Regardless, you’ve got this. You’re on your way to starting a new chapter in your life! Check out my other blog posts to educate yourself on the next steps and what to expect. I’m working on building my variety, so if you don’t see something you want now, it’s probably coming soon!

Thanks for letting me help guide you through this part of the process that will get you abroad. See you in the next one!


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