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I’m glad that you’re here! My name is Bek, and I’m going from full-time retail management in the United States to part-time language teaching assistant in Spain in September of 2023 after two years of planning. This is a page I’ve made for readers like you who are new to my blog or simply need a refresh.

First, if you haven’t already read my About Me page, you can do so here. Let’s get to know each other!

How I began my obsession into life outside the USA

Read all about the start of my journey in this post. Here, this detailed post talks about how I got a taste for life outside the USA during a study abroad trip in the summer of 2021 and began my quest to ditch the USA and move to Spain.

So why did I start my blog, And what even does that MEAN, anyway??

I started because I could count the number of active NALCAP blogs on one hand. Without updated blogs, I relied on scouring across multiple sources, consumed with anxiety that I was going to miss an important deadline, lose my chance, and/or be ignorant on something critical.

Thousands of people apply to this program every year, and many flock to the Aux help groups and overwhelm the moderators with commonly asked questions and requests for guidance. So, I got the idea to be the NALCAP source that I wish I had when I was researching.

If you aren’t already familiar with Spanish idioms, know that they have a lot that revolve around milk. Ser la leche (to ‘be the milk’) basically means to be the bomb – the thing or person you’re speaking of is incredible. Dar(se) una leche (to ‘give a milk’) means to hit someone, or when used reflexively, means to hurt yourself in a few ways.

But what we are looking for is a toda leche (at full milk!) – to go at full speed. This connected with me because I feel sometimes that I’m going a toda leche when I hyperfixate on new things to learn about or perfect in myself. I also feel that my journey to Spain in the span of 2 years has been a toda leche due to the pace in which I have researched, planned, and applied to my desired program, NALCAP.

I’m an Unsplash photographer!

A photo I took of Plaza de España in Sevilla, Spain.
Photo by me, Bek Witt, on Unsplash, featuring Plaza de España in Sevilla, Spain

I’d love for you to use my work on my Unsplash profile for free on any of your public or private endeavors! Being an Unsplash photographer means I have granted you full permission to use my photos for private and commercial purposes at no cost.

So, use them in your own blog, social media, email marketing, book covers, whatever, no payment needed! However, I’d love it if you included the image credit when you use them so others know where to find my work.

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Feel free to leave a comment on one of my blog posts, or send me a message here or on one of my social media platforms! I’d love to chat, especially about my time abroad in Sevilla, Spain!